My husband is a centerfold…

Of the Denver Business Journal! (Although I’m sure GQ is next). That’s right—if you pick up this week’s copy of the Denver Business Journal and turn to page A19 (the center) you’ll see Rusty’s handsome face staring back at you. (Holly’s too!) I am so excited for BlogFrog. They work so hard and deserve a little attention every now and then!

Here’s the link in case you can’t read this one

denver business journal article

9 thoughts on “My husband is a centerfold…

  1. This is SO FREAKING AWESOME! Way to go Rusty! And way to go Tara for supporting him! (Not sure if I could have taken that huge leap-of-faith!).

    Our country was founded (and moves forward) with entreprenuers like you. Awesome.


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