Days of our lives

So my baby Joshe went to nursery for the first time today! It was an exciting day, especially for Rusty, who is in charge of the ornery boy on Sundays. We were pretty worried that he would just scream and cry the whole time, but he totally surprised us and did GREAT! He didn’t even cry when Rusty left him–which is seriously a small miracle. So WAY TO GO JOSH!

One more Josh Story–He has become quite the Daddy’s boy lately and prefers Dad to Mom at any given time. He wakes up and as soon as I walk in his room he asks for “Dada.” Well, we were at Costco the other day and I tried to push the cart. He screamed and shoved my hands off the cart and said, “Dada, Dada.” Can I say Brat, with a capital B? Does he realize I threw up hundreds of times to bring him into this world??

Now a funny Halle story. Her favorite primary song is “Tell me the Stories of Jesus.” We sang it in primary today and there is one line that goes “And how the Master, ready and kind, chided the billows, and hushed the wind.” (Referring to when Jesus calmed the sea, for all y’all who need brushing up on your primary songs) Anyway…it was pretty windy today (she HATES the wind) and she said, “Mommy, do you think I could hush the wind like Jesus?” SO CUTE!

4 thoughts on “Days of our lives

  1. We missed have Josh and Halle hanging our with the kids last weekend. It was fun having Cory and Lindsey out here, but it just wasn’t quite as fun as if we were all together. Congrats as well on your thesis. I hope all is well. Kami

  2. Bawahahaha! Maybe next time you’re prego, you should video yourself throwing up. Then, on those days your kids don’t appreciate you, you can roll the footage! Also, my cousin’s little boy was obsessed with the movie “the Testaments” and memorized several lines. One day, he went up to his mom, put his hands out in front of him facing up and said while motioning towards himself “mom, Come forth”. I like how they want to be like Jesus. It’s sweet.

  3. Bratty kids are my forte’ so I can totally relate! They do get over it, but they will never realize the pain and agony it took to get them here… oh well!!

  4. WAAHOOO for nursery!!! 18 months old is something to look forward too! Love the funny stories about your kids 🙂 Every time Josh was dada, you remind him how many times you threw up.

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