Other Halloween Fun

Halloween is a holiday that keeps on giving 🙂  We had lots and lots of fun, Halloween things in the past few weeks.  Here are a few of them:

Pumpkin Carving.  And the first snow of the season!  It was a Stake Conference Sunday (WHERE I SPOKE! I think it went really well, and it was a cool opportunity!) Perfect day for carving (while mom and dad napped) and roasting pumpkin seeds.
2018-10-14 13.14.342018-10-14 13.02.22 HDR

2018-10-14 18.09.15Then on to decorating the annual Halloween sugar cookies.2018-10-14 18.06.37

Rusty and I were in charge of Date Club this month and we hosted the “Totally Rad 80’s Prom Gone Bad” Murder Mystery.  It turned out so fun, and people went ALL OUT with their costumes.  They were amazing.  Bob was our murder victim, and Amber was our Murderer.  We had fun deciphering the clues and getting into character.  In the end, NO ONE suspected Amber!  I played the part of the school principal and Rusty was the Baseball coach.  2018-10-20 20.19.322018-10-20 20.33.102018-10-20 21.40.14

I hosted my very first Stake Dance as Stake YW President.  Boulder always hosts Halloween and I’m so glad.  It’s a super fun one!  We went all out with decor this year and it was a hit!  Over 350 youth attended.

2018-10-28 11.03.21We have a Halloween Haunt who lives in our Attic!!  He came everyday for a week and left the kids little Halloween crafts, Harry Potter mini figures, and even a costume for their stuffed animals.  This was their favorite day:

2018-10-16 07.58.12

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