Parade of Lights and Denver Giving Machines

It was a Denver weekend!  It started Friday with the kids performing for the lunchtime crowd at the Denver Giving Machines.  This was so much fun!  Halle and Josh had been practicing some clarinet/saxophone duets, and Blake learned a few tunes on the Ukulele that we all sang along to.  I just love the Giving Machines and am so glad they came to Denver. It was a unique and fun way to donate to both local and worldwide charities. The kids drew lots of interest with their songs and then the missionaries were able to tell people what the Giving Machines were all about.  giving machine

It was a struggle to get the kids to practice together leading up to the event, but I think they had a really great time once they were down there.  Proud of them for sharing their talents.  The Denver Giving Machines earned $667,000 and the Worldwide total was $6,069,705.  WOW.  2019-12-06 17.30.462019-12-06 12.29.36We ate a quick lunch and then walked over to Rusty’s new WeWork space.  The kids had been imagining a tiny drab little room, so they were super impressed with WeWork.  They loved seeing all the meeting spaces, lounges, and also Dad’s tiny glass office.  We’re lucky he works so hard for us!2019-12-06 13.36.00The next day was Parade of Lights.  We hit MEGA traffic and thought we were gonna miss the parade!  We couldn’t even make it all the way to the Hyatt, so we parked at a King Soopers and walked the rest of the way.  We grabbed a quick dinner in the club and then ran down to the parade.  Rusty found us a spot right outside the hotel which was a fun change.  Our usual spot was long filled up by the time we got there.  I got everyone these adorable light-up headbands at the dollar store and they were a hit!2019-12-07 19.16.472019-12-07 19.43.40-1Parade of Lights 2019New in Denver this year was the Mile High Tree.  It was decorated with 60,000 strands of LED lights.  We loved it!  It’s so fun to stand inside and watch all the colors and patterns swirl around.  2019-12-07 20.19.01

Blake and Max were the only ones who went to the pool this year. We watched Home Alone and then crashed.  Everyone was so tired!  The next morning we had breakfast with a view.2019-12-08 08.14.56And of course, the annual Christmas Tree pic. Then off to church!2019-12-08 11.20.482019-12-08 11.21.28

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