Notting Hill by Date Night

This was, without a doubt, the best London date night.  Dinner was at Dishoom, which is the restaurant I wanted to come to for Rusty’s bday the first night we were in London.  The line was too long then, and too long when we tried to come back a few weeks later before Bat out of Hell.  We made sure to give ourselves plenty of time tonight.  We arrived at 5 and still had a 40 min wait.  But it was worth it!  This food was amazing.  London has a rep for great Indian food and this was top of the line.  Rusty says it was his favorite London meal.  This pic is from Trip advisor, because we devoured ours too quickly.  Our two favorite dishes were Pau Ghaji and Black Daal. Writing about it makes me want to go back for more!

We love these fold up bikes! It’s such a cool idea!  Now I cant decide if I want to be a Vespa riding Barcelonian, or a fold up bike carrying Londoner. The seat and handlebars also fold down so it’s all compact.  2018-07-05-17-27-53.jpg
After dinner we strolled along the Thames, making our way down to Tower Bridge Pier.  2018-07-05 19.49.56Then the best thing happened!  We turned the corner and Tower Bridge came into view.  The bridge was lifted and a massive sailing ship was coming through.  The lighting was beautiful and it was magical to watch.  We are so glad we got to see it!

2018-07-05 20.16.27

Now for the main event–Notting Hill (the movie) on the top deck of a boat in the Thames.  We sailed down the river for about 30 min while we waited for it to get a bit darker and then we parked in the most picturesque spot you can imagine.  Tower Bridge in front of us, the Shard behind us.  The sunset reflecting off the glass buildings.  Incredible.  2018-07-05 20.38.152018-07-05 21.10.302018-07-05 21.32.34

As if that weren’t magical enough, after the sun completely set, fireworks started going off!  WHATTT???  I have no idea why there were fireworks, but it was the icing on the cake.  The fireworks were perfectly framed in Tower Bridge.  2018-07-05 21.56.512018-07-05 23.16.11I love Notting Hill. It’s so clever, funny and romantic.  And obviously, a perfect London choice.
As we were walking home down what we call our secret tunnel we saw a little fox!  That was a pretty unxepected sight in the middle of London! 2018-07-06 00.20.46

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