EFY, BYU Tennis Camp, and other Utah Fun

We had a busy, busy week in Utah!  Where to even begin?  Blake and Cohen had a sleepover our very first night there.  Blake has been waiting all summer for this! 2019-07-07 20.37.50Dropped Halle and Grace off at EFY.  They had such a fun, special week.  2019-07-08 12.27.08All Blake’s dreams are coming true.  Finally someone who will build with him!  2019-07-09 14.06.02 HDR2019-07-09 15.06.35-1Tie-dye t-shirts with the cousins.  We even made one for Dash. 2019-07-09 19.04.04Bike ride on the Provo River Trail where we used to go Rollerblading all the time in High School.  I just love every minute I get to spend with these ladies.  We woke up at 5:30 so we’d have time to finish before everyone had to get back to mom duties.  2019-07-12 07.15.28BYU Tennis Camp.  Josh had a great week and learned so much!  2019-07-12 09.05.032019-07-12 10.05.38He won an award for showing great sportsmanship!  His racket grip needed to be changed, but we didn’t do it.  So on a crucial point, he lost his grip and the racket went flying.  He could have been really mad, but he just picked it up and continued to play.  His coaches recognized how hard that was and nominated him for the award.  2019-07-12 13.30.00Bridal Veil Falls2019-07-12 10.37.37Provo City Center Temple2019-07-12 11.06.06Happy Birthday Bode!  We celebrated with dinner and swimming at the Country Club.  2019-07-12 20.05.53Blake really should have been born into Lindsey’s family.  He loves to play with these boys!2019-07-13 13.06.22Papa booked us tickets for a tour of the Copper Mine.  It was such a cool view!  We all wished they taught us a little more about mining, but it was so fun to do something in Utah we’d never done before. Bingham Canyon minePapa letting Halle take his fancy car for a spin. 2019-07-14 14.55.06Annual Weenie Roast at Swinging Bridge in AF canyon.  2019-07-14 17.26.242019-07-14 18.26.59Playing at the park with the Banks Cousins.  We all had a great time watching Poto and Dash chase each other all over the baseball field.  2019-07-14 20.35.54-1Hiking Timp Cave with the ‘Rents.  So beautiful.  We even saw Uncle Roger on the trail!2019-07-15 07.03.312019-07-15 08.16.21Lake day!  We took the paddle board and the canoe out to BlackRidge Reservoir.  All the kids (and Dash) wore their tie-dye shirts.  It was adorable.  2019-07-15 10.45.53-12019-07-15 10.46.46Even Dash took a turn on the Paddle Board!2019-07-15 11.14.132019-07-15 11.22.06Of course, this is where all the boys ended up.  Dang iPad!2019-07-15 14.45.43Drinks all around at Swig! 2019-07-15 16.04.33 HDR

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