Castaway Cay

We woke up to a perfect day on Castaway Cay. Beautiful blue skies and sunny temps.  The night before we had ordered room service to be delivered in the morning so we could quickly eat and get ready for the Castaway Cay 5k!  This was soooo much  fun and I’m glad we did it.  Participants got to be the first ones off the ship.  We got Blake squared away in Scuttles Cove (only 10+ could run the race) and then went to the starting line.

We ran a loop along the bike path and down the old airplane runway to the turnaround point and then did the whole thing in reverse.  It was so fun to pass Josh and see the huge smile on his face. The girls also looked great out there!

And we even got to share the fun with our friend, Olaf.

I went to get Blake from Scuttles Cove while everyone else secured a great spot on the beach.  On our way back from the Cove we saw Pluto!  Blake was disappointed he didn’t have his autograph book, but was happy to share a hug with this cute pup.

He then told me that he was going to “Freak out” if he didn’t get a picture with Donald Duck on this trip.  As luck would have it, Donald was at the post office only a short tram ride away!  So, we made sure to snag that picture with Donald.  Blake was really hoping he’d be in his sombrero, but no such luck.  I did manage to get the perfect high five pic!

And a pretty killer picture of Blake with the ship.


Castaway Cay was absolutely beautiful.  Disney has done a great job with this Island.  We rented some tubes and snorkel gear, bought some sand toys and enjoyed every moment we got to spend here.

Halle and Rusty had fun on their snorkel adventure seeing the sunken submarine and the Mickey statue, but Jamie and I had the best time.  We saw a giant sea turtle and followed him around for awhile.  Eventually he got sick of us and he went to the bottom and kicked up a huge cloud of sand that covered a lot of his shell and then he laid perfectly still at the bottom.  We took this as our cue to leave 🙂  We also saw a giant school of fish that looked exactly like the fish that Marlin and Dory ask for help on the EAC.  We so wish we had an underwater camera!

Lunch at Cookies BBQ was pretty yummy.  Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish, and ribs. Something for everyone. And we were all pretty hungry after our morning run.  For dessert?  Ice Cream, of course!

Blake had won Rusty’s ice cream from him in a contest the night before, and this might be my favorite picture of the trip.  A cone in each hand on a beautiful beach.  Could life get any better than this?

After lunch Josh and Ezra headed to “In Da Shade” to play some ping pong and basketball. We didn’t really see them again until it was time to go 🙂
Halle and Berlynn went on the waterslides at Pelican’s Plunge and hung out in the water.  Halle and I also did a bit of souvenir shopping.

Blake and Rusty took a very picturesque nap.

These cute friends have had the best time together.  I hope it is a trip they will remember forever!

By about 3pm the kids were feeling pretty ready to be done and Lilah needed a nap before dinner.  Brandon graciously offered to take the kids all back to the boat. But not before we pulled out the selfie stick!  Even after a million tries, we didn’t really manage to get everyone in the frame and looking 🙂  But, it wasn’t for lack of trying.

After Brandon and the kids left,  Jamie, Rusty and I parked ourselves in some hammocks until the ship whistled, signaling we all needed to get back on the boat.  Pirate night is next!  Where are we going to find the energy???


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