Notting Hill by Day

It was a bit overcast today which meant a break from the direct sun, but the humidity was intense!  Go away heat wave!  We set out to explore Portobello Market and Notting Hill today.  Thank you bloggers who have done all the work in planning exactly where to go to see all the cute houses.  You make my job so easy!

We stopped for lunch at Gourmet Burgers, which was really good!  The kids could order a milkshake with their meal, and for me they did a bunless burger on top of a delicious housemade slaw.

With our tummies nice and full we were off to explore.  The market wasn’t in full swing because it was a weekday, but we had fun exploring antique cameras and trying on funny hats.

The colorful houses did not disappoint.  They were every bit as cute as you’ve ever imagined.
2018-07-05 12.34.402018-07-05 12.37.082018-07-05 12.38.112018-07-05 12.39.47 HDR2018-07-05 13.43.042018-07-05 13.50.34-1

But the Mews are what really stole our hearts.  These cute streets were originally stables with servants quarters over the top and they were tucked behind big mansions.  Now they are quaint little streets full of charm and the most darling homes you’ve ever come across.2018-07-05 13.53.032018-07-05 13.55.35

The way home had us going through Paddington Station, so of course, after surfing on the tube, we had to make a pit stop to see the famous bear from Darkest Peru. 2018-07-05 14.16.02.jpg How cute is this pic?  2018-07-05 14.25.23.jpgThere was a Paddington gift shop we also had to explore.  Blake was disappointed that it didn’t sell Marmalade Sandwiches.

Now it was time to get ready for date night!

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