Pre and Post Christmas fun

Our Utah trip was a whirlwind of family, food, fun and head colds 🙂  Here are some of the  highlights:

Halle and White reunited!
2017-12-21 10.30.38

Swimming with cousins at the Lehi Pool

2017-12-22 12.31.53-1

Throwing Kristin a surprise bridal shower at Harvest House at TG Point

2017-12-22 16.31.33

Going to Candlelight Christmas at This is the Place Heritage Park.  This was so fun!  We got to visit Santa, see a live Nativity, and experience Pioneer Christmas traditions.

2017-12-22 17.51.12

The blacksmith was making sleigh bells.  The boys were MESMERIZED.  They had to stay until the whole thing was done.

2017-12-22 18.29.53

Halle wrote the dearest wish of her heart and then sent the ashes on the wind to St. Nick.

2017-12-22 18.50.512017-12-22 18.51.10

We made our own candles out of beeswax.

2017-12-22 19.08.03

We decorated cute little Christmas ornaments.

2017-12-22 19.56.32

At Alta, these crazy people skied in a blizzard!  It was freezing!  Any exposed skin was immediately frozen.  This was one time I was glad to have a head cold!

2017-12-23 16.49.30

And I was even more glad when Jan McDaniel FINALLY, after years of begging, let me apprentice her famous, top secret, cinnamon rolls.  I am so so happy to know how to make these delicious bits of heaven.

2017-12-23 18.46.392017-12-23 18.46.44

Papa took the boys to a BYU Basketball game where they got to try their first Cougar Tail!

2017-12-23 19.54.08

These beautiful Hawaiian babes met for breakfast at Cubby’s early one morning.  I think this might be the most of us together at one time since the North Shore Beaches.  I always feel so lucky to have these life long friendships.

2017-12-26 12.38.05

Saying goodbye is always the worst part of the trip!  Even though I passed my head cold on to Grandma she still waved from the porch until we were out of sight.

2017-12-27 07.51.25

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