Meet Petunia

Because Halle is a volunteer at the Humane Society, we have the opportunity to bring dogs home for a sleepover to give them a break from the shelter. We picked Petunia to come stay with us one night over Spring Break. She was so sweet and fun! Halle planned to surprise the boys with the dog.  So, she set the whole thing up without them knowing. We went to get a few extra miles at a 100 mile club event in Longmont. Then after we were done she broke the news. The boys were sooooo excited! We received a few instructions at the shelter and then we were on our way!

The kids showered her with love. They snuggled, played with the tennis ball and went for a couple of walks. Josh used his stopwatch to make sure everyone got fair turns.

They all wanted to sleep by Petunia so everyone slept in Halle’s room. We wore Petunia out! She curled right up on Halle’s bed and fell asleep.

Petunia was fascinated with Chippy. She’d just stand up by her cage and watch and watch her. It was so funny!

The next morning we took her for a family walk and took lots of pictures!

All too soon it was time to take her back to the shelter. We were all a little sad to see her go. We loved having her for a night.

She had a nice little nap on Josh on the way back to Longmont.

Halle wrote up a cute little flyer to put on her kennel so potential adopters can see how fun she was. It turned out so cute. We hope Petunia finds her forever home soon!

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