Day in New Orleans

In keeping with Tradition, each kid gets to write the blog post for one of the days of the trip. Here’s Halle’s :

We started off the day at Mardi Gras world, where we got to try the iconic king cake (which is probably better not from a box)(and mom REAAALLY wanted to get the baby. She didn’t) and see past floats and floats currently under construction. Almost all of the figures are made out of styrofoam and paper mâché and it was really cool to see the work that goes into it. We also learned that there are 30ish Mardi Gras parades over a two week span. Blake was very glad to see is “favorite Fearless Hero” was enshrined as a prop.

Then on to the lovely outdoor French market where we tried lots of food including crawdad beignets, pulled pork po boy, and snowballs. (Turns out snowballs are just regular shave ice) Then as we were walking to our next stop we heard a band playing and went to investigate. It was a high school marching band leading one CeraVe float with a bunch of people promoting SPF. So random, and they also had the instagram viral guy with signs with them in the float. We saw that float at Mardi Gras world, and it was fun to be there!

Next the boys really wanted to go see the WWII museum. It was gigantic with so many exhibits for every part of the war and was great to learn about and see. Josh loved this museum a lot. I was ready to get back out into the sunshine, so mom and I went to city park where we saw amazing Spanish moss trees and some funny ducks. It was so nice outside and probably the warmest day of the trip. The boys stayed at the museum until it closed.

We met back up with the boys at Napoleon’s, which had really good spinach artichoke dip. We had a haunted histories ghost tour planned for that night, and it turned out to be pretty lame which I was sad about. Our guide was hilarious though, he looked like Robbie from Gravity Falls and basically just deadpanned murder stories and called it a ghost tour. Josh said it would be much better if we were all a little tipsy and could he pleeeeease get a drink? ha ha. We had some good times laughing about this tour for the rest of the trip. One of our favorite moments was when he was telling us about someone who consumed a “blizzard” of cocaine. We left about halfway through to Blake’s very favorite place on planet earth, more beignets! We got them and Blake looked at them and said beignet? More like beign-yayyyy! We also got to ride the streetcar back to the hotel which was fun, and ended the night with Survivor. We managed to watch an entire season by the end of the trip. We were invested! Mom asked everyone what their favorite part of the day was. Josh said WWII museum. Dad said it was holding mom’s hand on the way back to the hotel. He then paused and said, “I amend my favorite thing to be leaving the ghost tour.” We all got a good chuckle out of that.

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