Mother’s Day 2019

What a day! I love the chance to reflect and feel gratitude for the mothers in my life and for my own motherhood.

The day started out great with lots of sweet cards from the kids. I love their creativity. Halle made me a little iMovie.  It was so fun.  I’ll see if I can post it.  2019-05-12 08.51.34

Blake made me an adorable “T” keychain in scouts. And he had a Dove milk chocolate bar dressed as a superhero from his school class. He was feeling pretty sad because he knew I don’t do dairy and all the dark chocolate was gone by the time the bars got to him. It touched my heart that he would think of me and want to get the best for me. I assured him that the thought meant more to me than whether the bar was dark or milk chocolate.Mother's Day 2019My gift to myself was this picture using the timer on the camera 🙂 . Rusty had to be at church early to prepare the sacrament so we made do with what we had. 2019-05-12 20.16.54-1

At church we had a cute little program in RS and snacks. The Laurels got to join us and they thought it was great fun to feast at church.

I helped Rusty prep dinner this year. Because honestly, it gives me anxiety watching him try to pull the meal together. I so appreciate that he wants to do that for me, but everyone’s stress level goes way up when I don’t help. And I’m happy to help! It’s kinda fun to do it together. We grilled Steak on the Traeger topped with homemade herb butter, Rosemary sweet potatoes, fruit salad and green apple/spinach salad.  Delicious!2019-05-12 17.54.44We got to the Rowberry’s and Sarah was having a pretty hard day. She just rested in her room while we did dinner. We took the kids to the park after and played 500 until it got dark. Awesome Grace made a delicious, gluten free mousse cake for desert. It was divine! And again, I was so touched she thought to make something I could eat.2019-05-12 18.53.18 HDR

We came home and all snuggled up and watched the Amazing Race. I felt content and appreciative and full of love for my littles.

And for Sharon and Susan I think I got a pretty rockin present. Chelsi, the talented little thing that she is, started drawing portraits a few months ago. I sent her a picture of Carol as a little girl and of Claude and Naomi as newlyweds and she drew them beautifully! She went and dropped it off at my mom’s house so it was like a double present—she got to visit and reminisce with Chelsi and get the portrait. I told her a surprise was coming around 4pm and that she’d never guess in a million years what it was. I was right!Claude and Naomi Gillies

Sharon loved hers too! Lindsay delivered it along with some flowers.  She wrote me a very sweet thank you text that was really touching. I’m so glad I did this! It was such fun.Carol Miller2019-05-12 17.35.58

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