ArcelorMittal Orbit

Nothing stops these kids from playing their screens on the Underground.  Not even the fact that they don’t have a seat. 2018-06-27 10.45.45

2018-06-27 11.25.23
From Josh:IMG_4256

The Olympic Park is such a neat place!  London is so diverse.  Every section of town holds its own charm, and is completely different from every other neighborhood.  We have been looking forward to this slide for a long time!  It’s such a unique structure, and so fun to be able to say you’ve ridden the tallest and longest tube slide in the world!  The designer, Sir Anish Kapoor, Is the same sculptor who did Cloud Gate (The Bean) in Chicago. 2018-06-27 11.34.572018-06-27 11.33.09After seeing it up close Josh and Blake were a little nervous and didn’t know if they wanted to ride. We convinced them to go.  They went first and when Rusty got to the bottom Blake was crying.  Rusty was worried that it had scared him but just the opposite was true.  He was crying because he wanted to go again!
2018-06-27 12.24.10

So, that’s exactly what we did.  Halle opted to save her slide $$ for something else, so she was our videographer.

There was a pinhole in one of the floors at the viewing deck.  If you lined your camera up just right, there was a pretty fun shot of the corkscrew part of the slide.  2018-06-27 12.37.41
Afterward we ate our salami and cheese sandwiches under a tree and played for awhile in the fountains.  2018-06-27 14.29.32
Blake and Rusty played a game of giant checkers on our way back to the train.  2018-06-27 15.05.52
And here’s how Halle decided to spend her slide $.  YUM.  2018-06-27 14.56.46

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