Parade of Lights 2017

The warm weather keeps on coming!  We didn’t even need our coats this year.  So weird.  And so great.  We got to the hotel early so we could have lots of fun before the parade.  First up?  Snacks and soda from the Club, of course!
2017-12-02 14.37.42

Then on to the swimming pool.  Everyone had a blast.  Their favorite part was trying to push Rusty into the pool.  It took all 7 of them a considerable amount of time, but they finally did it!

2017-12-02 15.44.302017-12-02 15.44.50

We had the boys shower down at the pool locker room and the girls come upstairs to the rooms so we could be efficient.  We got hair dried and warm clothes on in preparation for the parade.   Then, we went to dinner in the lounge.  This year they had some delicious egg rolls with peanut sauce that everybody loved.  Sarah and Luke came and joined us for dinner and the parade.
2017-12-02 17.07.332017-12-02 17.28.38

We got to our spot just about 6pm when the parade was supposed to begin.  But, we always sit near the end so we had awhile to wait.  The kids chased Luke through the streets and made all kinds of new friends playing tag and whatnot.
2017-12-02 18.44.31

The parade was so much fun, as usual.  This year there was a new float, and it was everybody’s favorite.
2017-12-04 06.44.57

We loved watching our old favorites and cheering for the big balloons.  The Parade of Lights totally ushers in the Christmas season for our family.  I just love it!
2017-12-02 19.22.322017-12-02 18.51.182017-12-02 18.50.472017-12-02 18.38.012017-12-02 18.13.402017-12-02 18.14.36

I brought glowsticks for all the kids and Blake’s broke all over his hands.
2017-12-02 19.18.48

We all love Santa’s float!
2017-12-02 19.34.01

Best crew ever!

Parade of lights everyone

Sarah took Luke home to bed and the rest of the kids jumped on the beds until we finally got them to settle down and watch Elf.
2017-12-02 21.12.492017-12-02 21.12.41

The morning was a quick breakfast and then the kids love to go explore the hotel on their own.  This year they rode the elevator to the top floor (37) and ran down the stairs all the way to the bottom!  Josh and Blake we both so sore the next day.  Blake crawled down the stairs from his bedroom to the kitchen for breakfast.

We did our traditional picture by the tree and then jumped in the car and headed to church.  Another successful parade in the books!
2017-12-03 10.28.51

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