3rd & 4th of July

Sarah, Rachelle and kids came and joined us for our annual festivities.  We had dinner and tried the red, white and blue punch that was a big failure last year.  This year, after scouring tips from Pinterest, it worked!  Grace also made some delicious red, while and blue cake pops.  I wish I had a picture. They were so cute!
2016-07-03 18.33.112016-07-03 18.38.582016-07-03 18.44.09

We set off some of our own fireworks after dinner (The kids really liked the dragons, tanks, and peppermint fountain this year. They hated the screechy ones.) before heading over to the park for the big show.  The older kids got the best seat in the house–the top of the rock.  The 3rd also marked 3 months since Jim’s death and his absence was palpable.  Just last year he was here making us all laugh and keeping Jane safe from the fireworks while Sarah watched over a brand new little Luke.  Nothing is the same without him.
2016-07-03 20.50.462016-07-03 20.50.10
2016-07-03 21.47.522016-07-03 21.49.28

Claire drew the cutest picture of the Banksberry bunch at the park watching fireworks.  We sure to love this crew of ours!2016-07-04 11.14.00

On the 4th of July we went to the Toys for a delicious BBQ.

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