Rainy Memorial Day

We had this great plan to actually get out and DO something this Memorial Day, and the weather decided NOT to cooperate. Sara, Brian, Rusty and I decided it would be a lot of fun to take the kids hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park, which is about an hour away. Sara and Brian drove us all in their new Sequoia (which Rusty and I are convinced we must now own) and we made the long treck up despite the looming rain clouds. Well–rain it did, but lucky for us it would stop just long enough for us to get out and see a waterfall, or take a short little hike. The kids were so funny, as usual. Braxton HATED getting IN the car b/c he wanted to hike and hike, and Halle HATED getting OUT of the car b/c it meant she was going to have to hike and hike to keep up with Braxton. We had to do a magic energy dance and have magic suckers that gave us lots of energy to hike. We saw two beautiful waterfalls, TONS of elk, a pretty lake with a duck (By far Josh’s favorite part)and SNOW. We went up to Bear Lake where we were greeted by about 4 feet of the white stuff. The kids were “skiing” on the snow, but were pretty disappointed by the lake, which was pretty much frozen over. We then headed down into Estes Park to have Pizza for dinner which made everyone happy. By far, Josh at the most pizza out of all the kids. He couldn’t get enough. At dinner we were telling the kids how great they had done and Halle said, “Yea, and I only whined just a little bit!” And these days, we’ll take just a little bit. But the car ride home was the biggest treat of all as all the kids were EXHAUSTED. Sara was in the back with Halle and Braxton and got poked, prodded, and told that she had a “Rubber ear.” (Dad–Halle doesn’t quite get the concept yet) Kambree wanted mom and let everyone know it. She was crying pretty hard but everytime someone would say something to her she’d totally stop crying and say,”What?” Which ended up sounding more like, “Whaaaaaaaat?” She must have done it 50 times. We were all laughng so hard. So despite the rain, we had a fun and memorable trip!

6 thoughts on “Rainy Memorial Day

  1. Sound like a fun trip. I love the pictures. It looks like it was a beautiful place. By the way I have been calling all the areas here to stay,and they are all booked. Bummer. You are totally welcome to stay at our house. Brynn and Aubrey would love having slumper parties with Halle. Loves


  2. I was looking at your pictures with Isaac, and he goes “Oh those kids are so cute!” and I giggled and he said “Mom! they really are!” I have to agree. 🙂


  3. Looks like you had fun! Kids always seem to make the day more interesting don’t they? 🙂 Looks a bit cold, but I am so jealous that you guys live so close and get to hang out! 🙂


  4. I’m so jealous! It is so hot here right now that I’d give anything for some rain or snow. That trip sounds fun and tiring. I still can’t imagine having more than one kid to deal with. I guess I’ll figure it out soon enough! Say hi to Sara for me. It’s been forever. Oh and I’ve been trying to call you back from forever ago (around our siblings graduation time). Do you have a new cell number?


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