Take me out to the Ball Game

As a kid, Rusty was a HUGE Mets fan.  He was heartbroken to find that his idol, Darryl Strawberry, was less than kind to his wife.  So, it was a really fun and special experience to get to go with his Dad to City Field (Formerly Shea Stadium) and watch the Mets in action.  Unfortunately, root root root for the home team didn’t work.  It was a shame. 

The game was just phase one of their Father’s Day weekend extravaganza.  The next morning they went and played tennis on the clay courts at Central park.  THEN—on Sunday, the real Father’s Day, they were treated to some delicious Chocolate from Jaques Torres, and a gourmet brunch made by yours truly.  And when I say made, what I mean is bought. 🙂


We are so thankful for Rusty and all he does for our family!  He is the best dad.  It makes me a little jealous that the favorite part of everyone’s day is when Dad walks through the door.  We are so proud of him and how hard he works at his job so we can do really cool things, like spend the summer in NYC.  WE LOVE YOU Rust!

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