June wrap-up

Summer is absolutely flying by.  We’ve managed to pack in a lot of fun already.

First, the BEST NEWS EVER.  Landon and Jhena are getting married on Sept 9th.  This is our reaction when he texted us a picture of the engagement ring:

Landon texted us a pic of the engagement ring for Jhena

We’ve been doing a lot of pet sitting this summer.  It’s been so much fun.  My kids now want both a bearded dragon and birds.
2016-06-01 10.27.572016-06-01 10.30.062016-06-14 20.36.11

We drove up to Timnath Reservoir to go boating with the Bohns.  We had an absolute blast. Both Halle and Josh got up on the knee board on their first try and I wake boarded for the first time.  We just love hanging with the Bohns and are always so sad when it’s time to go.
2016-06-25 20.11.58-22016-06-25 20.14.50-1

Blonde Baseball Buddies

2016-06-23 18.00.25

Date night where I discover Salted Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Chocolove. I can now die happy as I’ve tasted heaven.
2016-06-21 19.03.04

Life Size Hungy Hippo for a YW activity

2016-06-07 19.58.15

Taco Tuesday with Dad.  We finally got to eat Sanchos tacos from the cart by TapInfluence.  And they didn’t disappoint.
2016-06-07 13.35.50 HDR-2

Snowcones and many afternoons hanging with the Rowberry kiddos.
2016-06-03 13.27.26
Build a bear with Rowberry kids

Ramping up the miles as NYC marathon starts to feel real
2016-06-04 06.50.30

WaterWorld!  Hailey came with me so I could wrangle the Banksberry clan.  The kids thought it was pretty cool that a teenager consented to spend the day with them.  It was not the warmest of days, but we survived and shut the place down.  We snarfed Little Caesar’s Pizza on the way home.
Water World with Hailey2016-07-01 15.28.01

Date night with Matt and Melanie at Bistro Vendome in Larimar Square.  The food was just ok, but the company was AMAZING. We could have talked the whole night away.  So grateful for these two in our lives.  They have changed and shaped us in so many ways. They will never truly know what a blessing their friendship has been.
2016-06-29 22.52.28

Bunch-o-balloons.  Genius.  Pure Genius.
2016-06-27 13.54.22-2

Many Saturday’s were spent at the Rowberry’s getting the backyard done.  I am so proud of these men. Glen Easton, who was in charge of the retaining wall said it best. “I really wasn’t sure if men who did this for a living (he hunched over and mimicked typing fingers) could pull off this yard, but I’m impressed!”  Me too, Glen, me too.

The bedtime shift at Rowberry’s is always an adventure.  Rusty and Max are reading “Max Potter”  Where the characters of Harry, Ron, and Hermione have been changed to Max, Blake, and Ginger.  It’s awesome.
2016-06-02 20.12.582016-06-02 20.25.412016-06-02 20.12.42

All the kids took Art Lessons from Meredith (don’t know where Halle’s pics are) and LOVED every minute of it.  It was a highlight of the summer for sure.
Art Classes with Meredith
ANNNND…. We’re still obsessed with Hamilton 🙂
2016-06-07 16.00.402016-06-07 16.00.34.png

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