Josh’s baptism photo shoot

Here’s our handsome little Josh at his baptism photo shoot. I took him up to the same park in Longmont where we took Halle and snapped away. I didn’t realize my camera battery was low until we got to the park, so I was turning it off and on between shots, praying it would last. It died right on our very last pose. I was so relieved! Taking pictures is not Josh’s favorite activity, so I knew if that camera died there was no way I was getting any more.

  DSC_0625editDSC_0621edit DSC_0633edit DSC_0639 DSC_0645edit DSC_0647edit DSC_0655edit DSC_0656edit DSC_0664edit DSC_0702edit  Joshua - program 2 Joshua Banks copy chalkboard - back green_edited-1

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