Shave ice at the Pool

Another fundraiser we are doing this summer is selling Shave Ice at the Pool.  After many years of saying how cool it would be if someone were to sell shave ice in Colorado, and after extensive research, we finally bought a hand cranked ice shaver.  And it is AWESOME. We ordered flavors from Hawaiian Snow, secured a few dates at the pool and we were on our way!  The night before we would mix up our sugar water and then add our flavor concentrates.  We typically sold for about 2-2 1/2 hours and usually made between $100-125.  Not too shabby for just a few hours work.  The kids always helped me sell and I’d pay them in free shave ice.  Our top three best sellers are Root Beer, Dreamsicle, and Cotton Candy.  Pink Lemonade was a close 4th.

The first few times we sold we used our cute little store front.  But, it’s kind of a pain to transport, so we just started using a boring old table.
2016-07-04 14.30.35-12016-06-08 13.03.052016-06-08 12.47.28

2016-06-25 13.01.452016-06-25 13.02.33

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