Blake turns 7

2016-05-26 07.36.42
Dear Blake,
Happy 7th Birthday! As I sit here and look at pictures from your last birthday I am amazed at how much growing you have done this year. Both physically and emotionally. 1st grade was an awesome year for you. You loved being at school all day just like the older kids and you made many new friends. You really liked your reading class, recess, and math. Some of your favorite projects included your life cycle poster on Polar Bears and your famous American project. You chose Neil Armstrong.
You are the best snuggler in the house. I love Sunday mornings when you come into our bed and climb in the middle of me and Dad. We love cuddling up and kissing your darling face.
You love to be creative and practically have an entire art studio in your bed. At night we hear you coloring, folding and snipping away. In the morning we are often treated with a colossal mess of abandoned projects. My favorite was the time I walked in to wake you up for school and I found about 300 orange circles punched out and scattered all over your room.
This year you played basketball for the first time and had a lot of fun. You are also playing coach pitch with Max right now. You love to walk down and play at the park and you love to jump on the tramp. Especially if Dad jumps with you.
You still run on your own time schedule and no one can rush you, hurry you, or bribe you in any way if you don’t want to be. Often times we all have to take a big breath and let you catch up.
You love your stuffed animals and many nights we can’t even see you in your bed because it is completely covered in animals. And, you sleep on top of all your bedding so you don’t have to make your bed everyday. That’s something you learned from Josh 🙂
Blake, you have a kind heart and you love to laugh and have fun. I love seeing your eyes light up and your sweet grin when you are excited. Life with you around is never dull and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you sooooooo much!
2016-05-26 15.42.48
Blake’s birthday was on the first day of summer vacation this year. Which made it the self proclaimed, “BEST DAY EVER.” We took a few little friends out for pizza and to the Angry Birds movie then back to our house for ice cream cake and presents.
This year’s present from Mom and Dad made all Blake’s dreams come true. He got a giant bear. As big as he is. It’s all he’s ever wanted. He sleeps with it every night and has named it “Beary.”
2016-05-26 07.47.37
2016-05-26 07.47.46
2016-05-26 07.49.23
Halle made him a darling card and Josh made him a paper airplane.
2016-05-26 07.43.53
 2016-05-26 07.47.03
He also got some switch and go Dino’s from G&G Cornell and a Club Penguin membership from G&G Banks.
2016-05-26 07.37.13
2016-05-26 17.41.10

And here’s his birthday interview:

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