More fun with Grandma and Grandpa

In case you haven’t noticed, these posts aren’t necessarily in chronological order.

Once on TV I saw these cool little remote control sailboats at Central Park.  I’ve been dying to do them since.  They day was kinda hot, so we decided to seek shelter in the park, and give the sailboats a try.  They were so cute, and pretty fun.  It was a little hard for the kids to get the hang of the remotes, but in the end everyone was sailing great.  Of course, they also loved feeding the ducks.  Halle had them eating out of her hands (and she has the bites to prove it!)


We also went to see the 9/11 Memorial.  It just opened this past  September on the 10 year anniversary of the towers falling.  I am really sad to say that the whole experience was a disappointment.  World Trade Center 1 is still under massive construction, so all the area surrounding the memorial is a huge construction site.  Instead of just walking up and seeing the pools, which is what we expected, we were required to get tickets about 6 blocks away, then wait in really long lines, go through airport style security stations.  The workers were less than friendly—I got yelled at for lifting up my kids to look at the pools (it’s impossible for them to see them from the ground), I got yelled at for letting Blake sit under a shady tree, and I got yelled at for giving Josh a piggy back ride.  (apparently it’s very dangerous, and the consequences catastrophic.)  I had expected a serene experience, and it was really just the opposite.  So, I’d advise waiting a couple years until all the buildings are complete, then come enjoy the Memorial.  It’s just not worth the hassle at this point.  Especially if you are bringing little kids.  But, DO come down and gaze up at the building that will be World Trade Center 1.  It’s pretty incredible! 

911 MonumentWTC 1 One of the most fun things we did, and which I have no pictures of, was adult night out!  We got all dressed up, and hit the town.  We ate at a cute little Italian place on Restaurant Row, and then went and saw Once.  It was amazing.  One of my favorite shows I’ve seen.  It was so different from your typical Broadway.  The beginning is totally unexpected, and the end leaves you all conflicted.  Rusty was dying at the unresolved ending.  But I loved it.  And the music was just beautiful.  I find myself humming it, even now, a week later.  It was such a great night spent with Alan and Sharon and all the magic that is NYC.  once-poster

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