End of school fun

The end of the school year is always jam packed and this year was no exception.

I got to chaperone the 3rd grade field trip to Celestial Seasonings tea factory. It was really fun to see their set up and go into the famous Mint Room. The intense smell made my eyes water!

2016-05-19 10.15.36
Josh’s Mini Society shop was a huge hit! Meredith taught us how to make her famed Harry Potter Wands and he sold out quickly every day he sold. It took a lot of hard work to make the wands and I was proud of him for putting in all the effort.
Grace and Halle were inducted into the National Junior Honors Society
2016-05-05 19.18.42
Black Rock held their first annual Spring Carnival and we met the new Mascot.
2016-05-14 13.58.29
Rusty has been hard at work on the Rowberry’s backyard.  Jane is happy to also lend a hand.
2016-05-22 17.20.15
Piano Recital!  Both kids are playing so well!  Halle learned Defying Gravity from Wicked and played it beautifully!  Josh was awesome too.  He memorized 3 songs.
2016-05-23 18.42.52
Just another rockin awesome sunset.
2016-05-30 20.04.23-1
The boys received their hard earned gold medals for exceeding their 100 miles this year.  Josh ended with 150 and Blake about 130.
2016-05-04 15.50.16

I can’t believe this year ends our annual Carpool Chic Fil A breakfast tradition. We will miss Logan as he goes off to middle school!
Grace and Halle celebrated their last day of 6th grade in matching Tutu’s. They also went to see the Jungle Book. Their first movie sans parents.

Last day of 6th grade

Just a Sunday Sacrament Meeting Selfie:
Church selfie

Cute Amanda and family stopped by for a few hours on the RV trip across America.  It was so fun to catch up and she definitely wasn’t here long enough.
2016-05-24 12.19.50-1

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