Parade of Lights

We made the annual trek down to Denver on Saturday to see the Parade of Lights. We were going to meet Brian and Sara and fam for dinner, but of course we got stuck in nasty traffic. Seriously, whenever RUSTY goes to Denver it is a nightmare. Any time I’ve ever gone by myself or with friends I never have any trouble. But put him behind the wheel and you are sure to get stuck in a traffic jam. So we got there right as the parade was about to start only to find that the bagel shop we were going to eat at was all sold out of bagels. They had other bread, but it just wasn’t the same. Despite the rough start the parade itself was great! The weather was perfect–it was warm enough that we didn’t need hats or gloves, which made things so much more enjoyable. After the parade was over we walked to our car, which was on the 5th level of the parking garage, only to find that cars were backed up all the way to us trying to get out. After waiting for 20 min we decided to call it quits and go get some hot chocolate. We found a Starbucks at the 16th street mall and sipped our hot chocolate while we watched all the Denver craziness go by. We went back to the car an hour later, and luckily things were cleared out. Next year I’m driving…..

7 thoughts on “Parade of Lights

  1. Traffic is usually a good excuse for me not to go do things but it looks like you still had fun. I’ll have to check it out sometime. P.S. I prefer to drive as well.

  2. Hate that Denver traffic! I have so many horror stories. Parade of Lights looks fun. We thought about going, but its been so stinkin cold! Reminds me of Logan 🙂

  3. HAHA- I swear that happens with Skylar too! Glad you had good weather and hot cocoa to enjoy the evening! Merry Christmas! P.S. I want to see pics of you prego 🙂 I’m sure you won’t show until your 9 months but put some on your blog anyway.

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