Frog Pond

Hello, July.  Thank you for bringing almost unbearable heat and humidity with you. Thank you very much. 

We all didn’t have another hot, humid sight seeing day in us, so we took a day to head back to Boston Common and cool off at the Frog Pond.  This is an ice staking rink in the winter, and right now it is a shaded, cool haven from the summer heat.  We brought some water guns and other toys and enjoyed splashing around in the water. (which was refreshing, but a little warmer than one would hope).  The kids are kind of missing the pool back home and Josh said, in a slightly dejected voice “Well, I guess this is the closest thing we’re going to get to a swimming pool in Boston.”    Uhh…yeah.  A swimming pool with a carousel, beautiful city views, a park next door, AND fresh squeezed lemonade!

Frog Pond

Even with all the water and lemonade, we were wilting pretty quickly, so after a few hours of fun, we holed up in the apartment the rest of the day with the AC blasted on high.


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