Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! We had a great time trick or treating on the “Real” Halloween last night. Our ward had a trunk or treat the night before, and Halle had her preschool Halloween party on Thurs as well, and both of those events were the “fake” Halloween. Halle has had her costume planned for months. She was a baby. It was awesome for me–I just got her a new pair of pj’s slapped some pigtails in her hair and we were done! She did have a cute pumpkin binki as well, but of course that got lost before picture time. Josh was our little superman (also pjs with a little red cape) and he was fascinated with all his treats. (See video on side bar) It was the perfect Halloween night–I think the high temp for the day was 77, so we didn’t need coats or jackets or anything. We can’t wait to blog hop and see everyone’s cute pics!


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