Jack’s Baptism

Halle and I flew to Utah for Jack’s Baptism.  It was such a fun weekend and I’m so glad we got to be there.  Jack is so funny.  He was up on the stand for a little bit and was just pulling faces to the audience the entire time.  We were all laughing pretty hard.  After the baptism we had a yummy luncheon and took lots of family pics.
2017-02-11 00.43.282017-02-11 00.46.582017-02-11 00.54.542017-02-11 00.59.592017-02-11 12.01.542017-02-11 12.35.08

Halle and I were supposed to fly home that evening, but a serendipitous mistake by me when booking flights meant we got to stay another day! I went to check us in for our flight and realized I had booked us to come home on Sunday instead!  This turned about to be such a good thing, as we got to participate in the annual Cornell tradition of decorating Valentine Sugar Cookies.  And Halle and I got to lounge on the couch all afternoon and watch Pride and Prejudice.  It was awesome.  Love this family of mine!
2017-02-12 03.44.312017-02-12 16.41.012017-02-12 16.37.072017-02-12 16.43.10

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