Oct 2005

Oct 12, 2005
Woah—it’s been awhile since I wrote! Well, I’ll just piece together some things I’ve
written for our friends newsletter and hopefully that will do.
Aug 2005 We made it home from our summer trip to utah safe and sound, but poor miss Halle was thrown way off schedule. We were so busy in Utah that she apparently didn’t get enough sleep and we kept leaving her. She has been sleeping in until 9, and taking 3 hour naps. I have gotso much done! But, when she is awake, she is very clingy. I think she thinks if she lets me out of her sight I’ll leave her again. And she’s soooooo mad at Rusty. She loved spending all that timewith him while we were in Utah, so now that he’s back at work she’s WAY mad. When he comes home she won’t even look at him and when he tries to hold her she just yells for mom. Rusty feels so bad. But I’m sure she’ll get over it.
129_2933_1cute cousinsDSCF0497DSCF0508DSCF0523DSCF0533DSCF0536DSCF0544DSCF0546
I am embarking on my next big adventure this weekend. I am taking an instructor training
course to learn how to be a personal trainer and group fitness leader. I am way excited about it. My
next step after that is to pass the certification test,then hopefully I will be able to find a
job somewhere. That’s about all for now! I’m coming out again the 23-28 for my presentation, so if anything fun is happening give me a call at my mom’s house!
We just got back from a great trip to Utah at the end of sept! Landon is leaving on his
mission next week, so we made the 8 hour drive to go to his farewell. 8 hours in the car
with a toddler is not the most enjoyable experience, but all in all Halle did ok. Landon is
going to Salvador Brazil. His farewell was on my birthday (the big 24 for me!) and it
was so much fun! I am so excited to have a family member on a mission–I can’t wait to
write him letters and have Halle draw him pictures. Halle will be almost 4 when he gets
home!!!!! That is so crazy.
DSCF0580DSCF0583DSCF0597DSCF0602DSCF0635DSCF0645Landon temple
I am still plugging along at my thesis. It is getting annoying,
so hopefully I can find the motivation to just GET IT DONE. I am the best procrasti nator in the world. I can always think of something else to do when it comes time to just sit
down and write it. Nothingtoo new to report with me, but I have a good story about my beehives. I was giving the dating lesson so we were talking alot about chastity. Since they are 12, they don’t know a whole lot about that stuff, so I was doing a lot of explaining. We read a quote that talked about immorality and I asked if they knew what that meant. The cutest little girl in thefront row raised her hand and said, “it means you will have e
ternal life with Heavenly Father.” I could hardly contain my laughter. Immortali
ty/immorality—easy to mix up, right? hahahah
Rusty is still enjoying his job, although he has a few crazy ideas swimming around in that
head of his. He wants to start his own business someday, and spends all of his free time
developing software he has named SplitPC. Basically it allows you to run 2 monitors, mice, and keyboards from 1 computer. Don’t ask me to explain any more than that. He works in a world that I can’t even begin to understand.
Halle is getting bigger every day. She can string about 3-4 word together now. I’ll send a
few pics. (side note–one is of Kasey and Halle, and since Kasey never writes, I’ll give you a little update. She is at BYU doing her master’s degree in social work. She is living in Provo and so far I think she is liking it.) Here’s a funny Halle story. When she is naughty I lovingly call her my little brat. I usually say something like, “Halle, don’t scream!” and then mutter under my breath, “you brat.” Well, the other day she was being naughty and I got mad at her. I turned away and said, “geez!” She looked me square in the face, pointed her little finger at me and said, “mom brat.” Guess I have to be careful what I say or it will come back to bite me!!

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