Happy Birthday Josh!

Our baby Josh turned two on Monday! I feel like his little life has flown by so fast–I cannot believe he’s two. Although from the temper tantrums he’s starting to throw, I guess I really can believe it! In honor of his birthday I thought I’d tell you all a little bit about our little guy. I think if there was one word that would describe Josh it would be “sweet.” Ever since he was born he’s been our little cuddle bug. He is also quick to use his nice words and always says “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” and is quick to jump in with “bless you” whenever anyone sneezes.
Some of Josh’s favorite things include: dum dum suckers, (never leave home without ‘um!)Veggie Tales movies, specifically “Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed,” trucks, swimming, and playing at the park. He also really loves to go shopping and totally recognizes the signs for Costco, King Soopers, Target, and unfortunately, McDonald’s. Some days when he’s sick of being at home he’ll come and grab my hand and say, “Mom, go hop in big car and go shopping!” That always makes me laugh.
He also quite likes to go to church and sing songs. He was absolutely riveted during the primary program and when the kids would get up to give their talks he’d say, “No more talk, SING!” Also, if I ever dress him in a shirt with a collar he always says, “yeaaa, go church today!” We hope this attitude lasts through his teen years….
Josh had a fun bday party with the Loveridges, Szabos, and Keazers coming to celebrate with us. It was a tractor themed party and the kids all got construction cone cups. They were adorable. We had dinner, lots of playtime, and of course, CAKE. Happy Birthday Josh! We love you so much!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Josh!

  1. It seems crazy to me that he’s 2 also! šŸ™‚ (I guess since I’ve only actually seen him once or twice). Glad he had a good birthday! By the way..tara your hair has gotten long! It looks good!

  2. Happy Birthday Josh. I hope we get to see him and all of you at christmas. (We are going to be at the Banks from the 19-23 of Dec. and then Dec.30-Jan3 at least those are our plans for now). I think Josh and Brady would have so much fun playing together. I have also have to add I love your long hair. I am not sure I have ever seen it long. It looks super cute. Loves

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