November 2018 Recap

What a fun month this was!  Learner’s permits, dog sitting, and Josh’s first trip to the temple!

Blake got to bring home a few of his class Beetles over the break.  They escaped 2 times and one of the times one just crawled across Blake’s foot as he was eating breakfast.  It scared him to death.  Beetles are not hearty pets.  2 died.  Sad.

2018-11-16 16.13.382018-11-16 16.13.44

The Teacher’s had a really cool activity where someone came and helped them learn to knit hats for cancer patients. 2018-11-06 19.21.51Josh made the Honor Roll with a 4.0!  We celebrated with a donut breakfast.2018-11-08 07.38.08
We bought a ping pong table on Offer up!  The boys had fun putting it together. 2018-11-10 19.51.40Sunday Selfies!2018-11-11 09.50.06
Halle is on the road!  Everyone look out!  Just kidding.  She is doing great.  2018-11-13 14.16.10
Seinfeld for Date Club.  It was sooooooo funny.  Wish we would have snapped a pic of the whole group.  2018-11-16 20.42.45Halle was a camp counselor at Kids and Critter Camp at the Humane Society.  She was in charge of the Paws to Listen station where kids came in and read stories to and cuddled with dogs.  2018-11-21 12.42.45Josh’s first trip to the temple on Black Friday!  Our temple district organized so that every Stake had time on Friday and Sat of Thanksgiving break to come to to the temple.  We drew the lucky 6am Friday morning spot.  So, we woke up at 4:30, drove to Ft. Collins, had 25 kids perform baptisms and confirmations and were home by 9!  Halle decided she gets up early enough for seminary and opted to sleep in.  I think it was a good choice.  I loved being with Josh in the temple and feeling that special spirit with him.  2018-11-23 07.45.582018-11-23 07.42.34Josh’s turn to put the star on the top of the tree!2018-11-23 20.11.142018-11-24 16.24.34For one of her Personal Progress Projects, Halle organized a YW activity to provide service to the Humane Society.  She taught the girls how to make cute tug toys out of felt.  It was a lot of fun and she can’t wait to see doggies at the shelter playing with them!


2018-11-27 20.01.39

And over Thanksgiving break we got to babysit the most adorable little baby mini Poodle, Churro.  He was so sweet and we loved playing with him and snuggling him.  It’s the closest I’ve come to wanting a puppy of our own.  2018-11-21 10.15.302018-11-25 15.25.182018-11-27 07.02.402018-11-24 17.51.37

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