EHS and CSU Homecoming

We had a few great weekends celebrating the Tigers and the Rams. First up, EHS. It all starts with the Homecoming Parade. This was the second year that Tiger Tennis participated. Hitting candy to the crowd is a highlight of the season. And there were SO MANY people this year!

Next up was the Homecoming Game. I’m a fair weather football fan–so we usually only show up to watch the halftime show 🙂

The Homecoming dance was fun this year! Josh and Co liked it a lot better than last year. They started at the Copes for dinner and pics, and then the dance and then back to the Copes for some late night fun. Someone’s mom had a big camera and promised to send the pics, so I hardly took any. I haven’t seen the pics yet. I’ll update if I ever get them.

The next weekend was CSU Homecoming. It was super fun this year because the Rams played the USU Aggies! We were a house divided. Alan drove out and Brett and Kali came up from the Springs. We had a great weekend! Friday night we went to the Festival on the Oval and to the Bonfire. The band got to play. There weren’t as many people as I expected….poor football team. It’s hard to rally the people when the team is so bad.

I’m so conflicted! Should we root for the Rams or the Aggies? We decided to go half and half. Aggie beanies and CSU sweatshirts.

Then the game! The band is most definitely the best part. I borrowed Joanna’s camera with a Zoom lens so I could get some fun pics of Halle. I love them! Seeing her out on that big field doing what she loves makes my heart so happy.

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