Blake’s Surgery

On Dec 1st Blake had a little same day surgery.  He was born with something called Chordee, which basically means his little man part was crooked. And we all know crooked man parts are not a good thing ;).
The worst part was that I couldn’t feed him before the surgery.  So we had to wake up at 5am, drive to Denver, and then sit around until 7:30.  But he was such a good boy–he was chewing on my fingers like crazy, but never got too upset.  They have a toy room for the little kids to play in, and it had a wagon. So I set him in the wagon and was pulling him around.  I look back at him, and he was totally zonked out, and had fallen flat on his face. I would have given anything for my camera at that moment.  Him in his little hospital gown, face planted asleep in a wagon.  So I picked him up and he just rested his little head on my shoulder until the nurse came to get him.  He was delirious, and when he saw the nurse in her funny scrub hat he just started to giggle.  And the anesthesiologist told me that in true Blake fashion, they put the mask on him to fall asleep and he conked out in mid giggle.  The surgery was a success, and the recovery not nearly as bad as one might imagine. 

4 thoughts on “Blake’s Surgery

  1. oh girl. you are so beautiful!
    i had no idea. haha i mean..
    i don't know what i was
    picturing but you are
    absolutely lovely.

    thank you for coming to
    see me at my little place.

    “stop growing” huh? i will
    try that. i'll let you know
    how it goes.


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