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Once again the best running day of the year has come and gone.  This year was particularly fun because Dani, Grace, and Claire ran with Halle and I.  Josh and Rusty started a few waves behind us but they caught us around mile 4 and we all ran together of awhile.

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We took advantage of all the fun BolderBoulder has to offer.  We danced, cartwheeled, jumped in a giant pool, and I finally made my BB dream come true.  I did the slip and slide 🙂


Josh and Rusty also had a great race.  Josh met his goal and came in at 1:39.  He was so excited.They would run whenever there was any kind of sign in the distance and walk when they could not see a sign. In Jan he had set that goal and his reward was supposed to be going out to a huge breakfast after the race.  Due to babysitter restraints we weren’t able to do that.  He was pretty disappointed, but I made it up to him by taking him to Kneaders a few days later.  Also, Josh was pretending he was a squirrel the entire race.
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Another perk of this BB10k was a chance to see the Wilsteds!  Amber, Kari, Amy and I got together the night before and didn’t get home till after 1am.  It made for a very sleepy morning but oh so worth it.  We met up after the race and it was so good to see David and the kids.  We miss them so much.

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