Hercules Halloween

Halloween weekend began as it always does, at the Longmont Parade. It was a beautiful morning and all the costumes were so clever.

Then Josh drove us to Ft. Collins to pick up Halle. Her and Josh really wanted to go to Terror in the corn. Blake ended up going too–they had a fun night together! Halle was going to go back to school, but she decided to stay and do Halloween with us. We were so excited to have her. We pulled her costume together in a few hours, and I’m pretty proud–she was an awesome Fate. We went to get a few things from the Halloween store, and we saw this Pirate costume. We HAD to have it. As you can imagine, Dash hated it. A lot.

Then the moment we’ve been waiting for…..presenting the cast of HERCULES! Every year just keeps getting better.

I wish Halloween was always on a weekend! It was on Monday this year, and I feel like we barely had any time to enjoy our costumes. It was a flurry to get ready, rush to take pictures, and then it was over! The big kids did go trick or treat for awhile and then they came to our house to watch a movie. Halle said, “I have been trick-or-treating in years! This is so fun!”

Blake convinced most his friends to also be horses this year. How funny would it be to open your door and see this herd of horses standing there? I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them all together. Love it.

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