Weekend of Water

We had a fantastic, fun, water filled Labor Day weekend. It all started on Sat with a trip to the Boulder Reservoir. Umm…Native Coloradens, WHY HAVE WE NEVER HEARD OF THIS PLACE UNTIL NOW??? It was AWESOME! There is a sandy beach for the kids to play, and you can rent canoes, paddle boats, etc. This was like a little bit of Heaven to Halle and Josh. Halle kept insisting that it was the ocean, and no amount of reason could convince her otherwise. We rented a canoe and paddled around the lake. Josh was a little nervous, but by the end he was sticking his hands in the water and rocking the boat. He is now totally obsessed with watching the little video we took of the boat. We have probably watched it 200 times since Sat. I have a feeling that next summer this will be one of our favorite hangouts. (Boat Video is on the sidebar)

Then Monday we went to bid a fond farewell to pool season. Vista Ridge was holding their annual Labor Day pool party, but we tried to get there early to avoid the annoying DJ they hire every year. The kids LOVE going down the slide (also on the video sidebar) and Halle can swim from the slide to the edge of the pool by herself. She must have a GREAT swim teacher ;). But the fun didn’t last–Josh was running up to the slide and of course he slipped and konked his head. He cried forever and never fully recovered enough to have a good time. So we cut our losses and headed home for LONG naps.
After a delicious BBQ dinner we headed over the Anthem, a neighborhood near us, to walk around their beautiful pond. The kids loved throwing rocks and wading in the water and mud. We are sad that summer is winding down, but Halle is looking forward to Fall so she can wear all her new, funky tights.

9 thoughts on “Weekend of Water

  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Next summer, we’ll join you at Boulder Res… we’ve never been, but have heard about it. I’m with Halle – can’t wait for weather which would require tights! Yeah!

  2. What fun! You guys had a great weekend- Carter watched the slide video with me several times and wants a turn. Good for Halle for swimming! We just got carter to wash his hair without freaking out if water got in his eyes. I guess doesn’t help that we don’t have pool access…. We’ll have to talk sometime! Cute blog! :)Love you guys!

  3. Thanks for doing the blog frog. I love it. I can’t decided if I want to keep the recent visitors up. Is there a way I can know who visit without other seeing it? I love the picture of the kids in canoe. It looks like you had a fun trip. Loves

  4. Happy Birthday yesterday Tara. I looked at my watch today, and realized I hadn’t call you or anything. Anyways, I hope you got to do something fun. You are a wonderful, talented, cute, caring sister in law. I am glad we both ended up in the Banks family. Hugs Kami

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