May Wrap Up

Halle taught us all how to make rolled ice cream for FHE.

2017-05-01 20.03.51 copy

Kari and I were in charge of Food and decorating the teacher’s lounge for Staff Appreciation Week.  Some fun things we did were to “Stock the Fridge” with delicious snacks, and hire the Maui Wowie Smoothie cart to come in for an afternoon.

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100 Mile Club Gold Medal Ceremony.  So proud!

2017-05-03 13.29.452017-05-03 14.59.53

2nd Grade Mentor Day.  I taught Yoga and Rusty did Robotics.  Can’t believe it’s our last mentor day.

2017-05-05 10.30.472017-05-05 10.47.512017-05-05 12.24.20

Fishing Clinic with Josh, Max, and Blake.  Blake caught his first fish!

2017-05-06 11.36.252017-05-06 10.26.57

Spending our Saturdays at the soccer field.  So fun.

2017-05-06 13.49.08

2017-05-13 12.58.51

Halle took family names to the temple.  She had asked me to help her find some and I had no clue how.  So, I told her to ask Grandma Cornell.  Well, my mom searched and searched and couldn’t find any with work still to be done.  She worked really hard and even had a family history consultant come over and help her, but no luck.  The night before Halle was going to the temple she had an impression to check the siblings of one ancestor.  And lo and behold, their work needed to be done!  It was such a special experience for both my mom and for Halle.

2017-05-09 19.34.492017-05-10 20.19.26

Spring Fling at Black Rock

2017-05-13 14.47.30-12017-05-13 14.25.27

Date Club hike at NCAR with a cookie tasting contest at the top.  Beautiful view, delicious treat!

2017-05-13 18.55.14

I taught Junior Achievement to Blake’s 2nd grade class.  My favorite day is the day they get to run their own donut production line.  Complete with Krispie Kreme hats and a donut when they finish.

2017-05-15 13.07.062017-05-15 12.44.34

Rusty Chapereoned the 7th grade field trip to the Zoo.

2017-05-10 12.01.58-1

It snowed.  On May 18th.

2017-05-18 18.05.14

We set a family challenge to read the BOM every day for two weeks.  Menchie’s was our reward for reaching our goal!

2017-05-22 18.37.14

Biking home with Dad on the last day of school!

2017-05-24 15.36.30

cleaning the school desks with shaving cream!

Cleaning desks with shaving cream

A muddy Sunday evening walk 🙂

2017-05-28 19.22.26

Piano Recital!

2017-05-30 19.29.05

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