The Edge and Hadestown

Halle back again for our last day in NYC. We started out the day with a 9:30 “brunch” at Balthazar, which was pretty good but I don’t think anyones favorite. We then split up where Grace and Sarah went to walk the high line, and mom and I went to Macys to look for a prom dress. I hoped at a huge Times Square department store they would have something I liked, and they most definitely did! I fell in love with my dress and I’m so excited to wear it to prom!!

We met back up at the Edge and headed up the elevator to the top. The views were just incredible and we had fun taking so many photos, and mom and Sarah did handstand shots till they got in trouble. We also some some people in full gear doing an experience where you can scale part of the building, and that looked terrifying. Manhattan views are so interesting–the city feels so big when you are down in it, but once you are above, you can see how small the island actually is. Crazy.

And Sarah and my mom decided to make fun of me and Grace by posing for a Snapchat picture. They cannot understand why we send partial pictures of our faces to our friends all day long.

Then we headed to lunch at Spain market called Little Mercado in the the same building for a really good grilled ham and cheese sandwich. We also saw the Vessel.

Then it was time to head to Hadestown!! I discovered the soundtrack and recruited the rest of them to my cult of this show and was beyond excited to see it in person. We had a few subway turn around a earlier, and opted to just take a semi long walk to the theatre. It was fun to take in the sights one last time. And just like that we were there and in line! The show was so so good. Each of the actors was so good and uniquely talented and their voices are like no other. From Orpheus’s high notes, Hades otherworldly low notes, and Eurydice stunning belt it was perfect. I was so excited we got to see original cast Eva Nobelzada and Reeve Carney, to be in the same room as them was really a dream come true. I think “Wait for Me” should go down as one of the most iconic numbers in musical theatre history. The set for this show was really cool, staying in one setting for the whole show, but moving platforms, props, and expanding when in Hadestown. It was such a beautiful story and the cast did a perfect job at bringing it to life, I was overjoyed. I say it about all of the shows, but it was just stunning and I was blown away yet again. Then it was just a quick zip back on the subway to our hotel to grab luggage, then called an Uber to the airport to take us home! This trip was so so fun, I’m so happy it actually got to happen, and these are memories I will cherish the rest of my life!

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