Rainy day at the MET and National September 11 Museum and Moulin Rouge!

Halle here–After a much needed sleep in morning, we headed to Oakberry Açaí for breakfast. You could pick your toppings and it was really good! It was already raining as we headed to the Met, and we were glad we got tickets ahead of time because the line stretched down the block. The art was really pretty and we got to see so much. My mom had a list of the most famous paintings and artists. We circled them on a map and off we went. I really liked the Monet and old musical instruments. We also saw some other famous ones from Van Gogh, Washington crossing the Delaware, part of an Egyptian temple that was super neat, and Jackson Polluck.

My mom was a big far of this satirical Trump painting.

We stopped at a Halal cart for a quick lunch and got wraps that were actually really good. We wanted to get out of the rain so ended up just standing under scaffolding and very messily eating them.

Then we headed to the 9/11 museum. The rain was really coming down now and the wind was whipping. Grace’s umbrella handle bent in the wind and then completely broke off!

The museum was cool and laid out in a really great way to follow the story and understand what happened that day. We spent the rest of the afternoon there. When the museum closed we wanted to go look at the memorial pools. Well, apparently the entire plaza closes at 5 and they were herding us all out. We stopped to grab one quick picture and the security guard stepped right into our picture on purpose and told us to immediately leave. Geez!

We then headed out to meet Madison and Spencer for dinner at Los Tacos. The tacos were AMAZING! We crammed ourselves into one of the communal eating spaces and snarfed them down!

Then for our main feature of the night, Moulin Rouge!!! Words can not describe how excited I was for this show and it went way above my expectations. Everything about it was just perfection. You walk into the theatre and everything is red lighted with the iconic windmill and elephant on either side of the stage and a giant neon sign that said Moulin Rouge lit up on the stage. It immediately set the energy and as soon as the legendary Aaron Tveit came out to start the show, everyone was just captivated. Each song was even more energetic than the soundtrack and it just looked like the cast was having the time of their lives. And as soon as Aaron Tviet sang his first notes, it got even better. His voice is amazing, he never missed a note, and could sing with such emotion. We also got to watch a swing make her broadway debut for Satine! Overall it was just so high energy, and super fun to watch! After the show we went and tried Juniors famous cheesecake and it did not disappoint. Then we all crashed so hard after a long and wonderful day.

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