Esplanade Playground

One thing I really love about Boston is all the access to green space.  There are gorgeous splashes of green amid all the high rises.  The Emerald Necklace, The Fens, and the Esplanade.  Today, armed with our scooters, we set off to explore the Esplanade.  But first up, Flour Bakery to try their famous sticky buns.  They did not disappoint. Delicious!  We also got a few sandwiches to go and then we hit the street.  We decided to scooter from Cambridge into Boston via the Harvard Bridge.  The Harvard Bridge is measured in “Smoots.”  Smoot was a college student pledging for a fraternity.  The bridge is 364.4 Smoots +1 ear.  Josh thought this was totally hilarious and loved to watch the Smoots rush by under his feet.


We took our time exploring the Esplanade, stopping to chase geese, pick up feathers, and dip our toes in the Charles.


After meandering along, we finally came to the Esplanade playground. And it’s definitely one of our favorites!  Zipline, huge slide, spinning apparatus—there was enough to keep the kids occupied for hours.  We picnicked by the river, and played until we were exhausted. Then we took a little siesta under the trees.

Next up was the Museum of Fine Arts.  We spent an hour or two browsing through the Hall of the Americas looking at Revolutionary era art.  We also paid a visit to the Contemporary Art wing and got to try out different artist styles on a giant, electronic drawing board. We kept busy all day to ward off the anticipation of Daddy getting here tonight! We are counting down the hours.  Only 4 to go!!

Esplanade Park and Museum of Fine Arts

Most steps ever!

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