SF Moma, Palace of Fine Arts and Chrissy Fields

We spent our last couple of days hitting up s few spots we’ve been meaning to get to. Let’s start with SF MOMA. They have a pretty great audio guide. One option is to take a specific walk through the museum and have a narrator tell you want to look for. Halle and I did the Museum Hacks walk and it was fun! Museum Hacks are known for their funny, witty and off the beaten path take on art.

The boys wandered around, stopping at whatever caught their eye. No one lasted too long but I’m glad we went.

 I love modern art and I think it’s good for their little brains to try and interpret what they are seeing. One of my favorites was called The Sisters. The painting is exploring the ways we are connected and intertwined with our siblings and also the ways in which we are unique and independent. This is another one Halle and I thought was interesting. It’s called Erased DeKooning Drawing. AWESOME.

2016-08-05 16.35.57.jpg

We also wanted to get to the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s a huge pain to get there by bus but we did it. It is a lovely spot and the kids liked seeing the turtles in the pond and chasing the pigeons.
2016-08-08 16.37.26-12016-08-08 16.54.04

We walked down to Chrissy Fields for a few minutes of playing in the waves before heading over to the North Beach for pizza at Tony’s.
2016-08-08 17.46.17
The wait was 1.5 hours but the kids really wanted to taste this famous pizza. So, we had dessert first at a gelato place across the street while we waited for our table.
2016-08-08 18.46.52

About half way through our wait we decided to just order the pizza to go and take it home so we could watch the Olympics while we ate. (The kids and I are obsessed. We watch every night until waaaay too late.) Well, come to find out, next to the main restaurant there is a little store front that sells slices. Wish we would have known that first! Good thing the pizza was delicious and worth the wait. We got the New Yorker and the Margharita.
2016-08-08 19.42.57-1


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