Smorgasburg, Central Park, and Dear Evan Hansen

Cronut day! The magic of NYC really delivered this time. The Cronut flavor of the month was Passionfruit. Which we all know is Sarah’s favorite flavor ever. It was delicious, as always. 

We wandered through Chinatown, walking inside a Buddhist temple and checking in on all the chintzy tourist shops. 

We jumped on the subway and made our way over to Trinity church to pay homage to our main man, Alexander Hamilton. It’s pretty incredible to think of all the historic and life changing events that have happened in this city. 

Since we really got ripped off on our WTC 1 views what with the pouring rain and the rude security guard we wanted another chance. And oh, did I mention SMORGASBURG is now happening at WTC! And it was heavenly. Between the four of us we are Arepas, empanadas, bao buns, poutine French fries fried in duck fat, meat skewers, and dulce de leche churro bites. The only thing that could have made it better was some sun. And a little less wind. 

Back to the subway we went. The weather gods smiled upon us and by the time we got to Central Park the sun was out. It felt so good not to be freezing and wet.  I think it was Jim giving us a little love from above. He was with us today. Look at all our sun flair pictures.

We strolled through the park stopping at the Duck Pond, Gapstow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain (which wasn’t yet on for the season—cry), Bow Bridge and Cherry Hill to see the beautiful blossoms. We laid down and basked in the sunshine, giving our feet a much needed rest. 

Madison drive into the city again and she met us at Levains. Cookies in hand we walked down to see the temple. We are our cookies on a little plaza while enjoying the view. We went inside to fill up water and use clean bathrooms and Sarah ran into someone she knows! Of course. Because the Mormon world is so small. There were Activity Days kids with long tables set up full of delicious baked goods. They were fundraising for Ukraine. It was so sweet, we bought a muffin and they were thrilled to put the money into their tiny toy cash register. 

Down on Broadway Plaza Playbill had a fun installment that had just opened they day before. There were 10 foot tall Playbills of every show on Broadway right now. We had a great time snapping some fun pictures. Then it was Dear Evan Hansen time! 

Leading up to the trip, I was least excited about DEH because I had already seen it in Denver. But, I can admit when I wrong because it was STUNNING. Absolutely Incredible. Ben Levi Ross was a perfect Evan. Quirky and weird, kind hearted and lovable. And the man could SING. We were all choked up after “You Will be Found.” And there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after his mom sang “So big, so small.” I loved every single minute. 

We grabbed a late night dinner at Bareburger before Madison had to head home. The Parmesan garlic aioli fries were one of my favorite foods of the trip. SO GOOD. We all know how passionate I am about a good French fry 😘. 

Day 3 was a success! 

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