Children’s Museum of the Arts

I think that so far, this has been the kids favorite thing in NY.  It is a totally hands on art “museum”  where the kids get to participate in all sorts of fun projects.  I liked it because it’s off the tourist path—most the mom’s there were local moms just having a fun day out with their kids.  First, the kids made cute little shell creatures, then they were taught how to use an Imovie program to animate their creatures.  They had fun making a very short video of their creatures getting eaten by a whale. Next up was painting and comics.  The boys painted pics while Halle wrote and illustrated a very funny comic about a worm and a flower.  The space was bright and open, with lots of fun things to look at. 

The coolest art project they did was at the Clay Bar.  They had teachers who would guide you step by step in making the creation of your choice.  Halle chose a dolphin, and Josh chose the yellow Angry Bird.  Blake wanted to make a tiger, but he was way too impatient, and just ended up smashing it.  I was really impressed at how well their clay sculptures turned out!

After also making pipe cleaner sculptures, they were ready to burn off some energy.  Enter the ball pit.  This was not your ordinary ball pit filled with little colorful balls.  This was a super mega ball pit filled with giant exercise balls.  The kids bounced and played to their hearts content.  They are already asking when they can go back.

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