Brooklyn Bridge and Six

Saturday brought the rain back with it. We ate breakfast at Black Seed bagel. Halle and I shared the most delicious cinnamon raisin bagel with homemade almond butter and jam. I wish they sold that almond butter. It was more like super finely chopped almonds than a smooth butter. I could have eaten a whole vat. We also shared an everything bagel with cream cheese, cucumber and avocado. Last but not least, some local, organic strawberry apple juice. 

While we were breakfasting outside in the little shelter, it started to hail. And a man stood nearby with his pants down. For many long minutes. I never know what to do in those situations. My heart feels so sad for whatever he is going through, and also, it’s uncomfortable to eat breakfast while looking at someone with their pants around their ankles 😂

We did a little shopping around Soho. Halle really wanted to find a Prom dress, but we struck out. 

Now on to Battery Park to catch a view of the Statue of Liberty. Which is unrecognizable in the pics, but we could see her just fine! 

I decided to try a new way to get to Brooklyn. The East River Ferry. Which would have been a lot more fun in a warmer day. But I do love seeing Manhattan from the water. The Ferry ride to DUMBO was approximately 4 minutes long. I think we spent more time loading and unloading than actually riding. 

In Brooklyn we snapped some pics at the Manhattan Bridge, which frames the Empire State Building.

Then we walked through the Brooklyn Flea market. I’ve always wanted to do this, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I don’t know exactly what I expected but I think bigger. And maybe lots of funky furniture. There was none of that, but there was a lot of cool old jewelry. 

Grace stopped at a record stand and pour over the titles before selecting a Frank Senatra and one more. That’s when I fell in love with the flea market. Watching her so happily sorting through all those old records.


Lunch Time! Time Out just opened a new food hall full of NYC favorites. It’s the point in the trip where I feel like we were all very stuffed with food. Halle and I opted to go lighter and had s few sushi rolls. Followed by some deep fried sweet potato tots 😂. Sarah and Grace had a giant bowl of Ramen. 

Sarah had a few pics of the Brooklyn Bridge saved to her phone and we went searching for the same shot. We found it! Right on Top of the Market! These are definitely some of my favorite shots from the trip. With our bellies full and the success of great pics behind us we were ready to cross the bridge. It’s always a pleasure. 

As we entered Manhattan again I saw a soft serve ice cream truck. I went and got in line and then Sarah said, “weren’t Bubble Waffles on your list?” And then I got really excited because we were close to Egloo, which has the dumbest hours so we’ve never made it there. It was open and only a 10 min walk away. While we were waiting for our treat we overheard the funniest 12 year old girl. She said to her mom, “just so you know, I’m going to take 10 min of pictures before we eat the waffles.” To her dad who tried to talk to her while she was posting on her Snap story, “shhh!”   Complete with hand gestures.

“To her brother who started eating his waffle—“you are going to ruin the asthetic!” He said, “I could care less.” And shoved his spoon into his ice cream. 

We were laughing so hard. 

We buzzed back to the hotel to change out of our wet things before heading up to Broadway. We made a quick pit stop to see Washington Square Park.

Sarah and Grace were seeing Phantom and Halle and I were seeing Six. Halle has been sooooo excited to see these singing queens. The show was so fun. A rouctios, girl power, hilarious look at Henry VIII’s six wives. So much fun. We all wanted to be up on our feet dancing the whole show. 

After we went to the stage door and got to see 3 Queens! 

Halle and I went to the Food Emporium and grabbed salads and fruit for dinner while Sarah and Grace finished up Phantom. Green food? What’s that?? When their show was over we went back to the hotel and ate salads on our bed. Night night NYC! 

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