Kristin’s Wedding

When Kasey sent me a deal for $89 round trip tickets from Denver to SLC, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to come out for Kristin’s wedding.  And I’m so glad I did.  I had the absolutely best time.  It filled my cup to the brim.  First up was a bowling party the day before the wedding.  They rented out the whole bowling alley and we had the best time reconnecting with old friends.  Jami and Lindsay also flew in for the wedding.  I was the second to the worst bowler, but no matter–I was there for the chatting.  I love my HS friends so much.  I never feel more like myself than when I am with them.  After bowling we were hungry so Adrian took a mini van full of moms to a delicious Indian restaurant.  The topics of conversation have changed a lot since HS, but every minute is equally as enjoyable as it was back then.  Maybe more so now.
2018-02-26 20.22.21

The next evening was the wedding dinner at the Traverse Mountain Lodge.  Kristin was an absolutely exquisite bride and her love story brought us all to tears.  Of course, we were all the last ones there long after the bride and groom had departed.  Kasey, Chelsi and I still weren’t ready to be done so we headed over to Chelsi’s parents house to gab the night away.  I don’t think any of us wanted the night to end.

2018-02-27 20.20.57-12018-02-27 20.21.25-12018-02-27 20.22.11-12018-02-27 20.45.19-1

The #alliancewithinthealliance

2018-02-27 20.45.36-12018-02-28 09.13.39

2018-02-27 20.56.18

I also got to spend a lot of quality time with my sissies and parents.  This day of snow shoeing was super fun.  Lots of long talks about life.  We also went up to dinner at Nat’s one night and Landon and Jhena came up too.  Then, Carlie, Nat and I took Mom to breakfast right before I flew out.  Always a pleasure to get a trip with no responsibilities where I can just relax, hang out and connect.

2018-02-28 15.47.382018-02-28 15.47.42

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