Kilkea Castle

Friday was castle day! We ate our breakfast and left our glamping cottage around 10am and then it was time to make our way to some archery. It was at a beautiful farm estate of course. Archery was super cool. Tara was the archery pro, winning all the games. Josh and blake also enjoyed it. Halle had a good time to. It was right next to clay pigeon shooting. I’m hoping we could do that next time. 

We stayed at beautiful Kilkea castle for our last night in Ireland. We had been excited about staying in a castle. Well we didn’t stay in the actual castle, but the cottages nearby. Blake was thrilled that he got an entire room to himself. There were three rooms each with their own key card. Definitely the biggest space we had stayed in. We rested for a bit and then hit the tennis courts and messed around until it started to just pour rain. We all got soaked running back to our cottage. Dinner was next to castle at Hermoines and was pretty good. But the view was amazing. We could just look out on the castle and the castle grounds while we ate dinner. I had to join a call for work after. Josh went for a dip in the freezing cold river. That was impressive. Halle and I went castle exploring. We found all the little nooks and crannies. Then we really wanted to find the old cemetery. All we had was a picture to go on but we eventually figured out and found the old and very creepy cemetery (it was night by this time). It was such a fun adventure!

Friday morning We picked up our breakfast bags and were off to the airport pretty early like 7AM.. It was about an hour. We pulled up to the curb and hugged the kids and said we will see you in America in a week! Crazy. The kids were troopers and I think were a bit excited to try their own adventure. Tara and I returned the rental car and then we took the shuttle back to the terminal to wait for the kids. Once they were boarding we grabbed a taxi and took it to Dublin Botanical gardens.

They were nice enough to watch our stuff while we had a walk around. We had a great talk. A little nap under a pagoda of vines. A walk and talk through the cemetery talking about kids and hopes and dreams. It was nice and I remember feeling just close and loving with tara and excited to get to spend a week with just me and her. We walked to a middle eastern restaurant which was quite amazing and then ubered to the ferry terminal where after a little delay we boarded our ferry.  England, here were come!

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