Tara Turns 40

What a birthday! I feel so loved and so spoiled. It started with an awesome day in Denver with all my favorite people. My friends made 40 lunches to pass out to people in need. Their kids even got in on the action and decorated the bags and wrote uplifting things on them. I got a sash and a crown and away we went. It makes me sad how quickly we were able to give away 40 lunches. There was a guy on a bike who was so happy and so grateful to get a lunch. A bit later he came riding up on his bike and asked for a few more to take to his friends. It was really sweet.

Then we jumped on some Lime scooters and zoomed all over town. Look at my scooter decorations? How awesome is that? We went out by the Platte River so as not to be too obnoxious with our scooter gang. SO FUN. The day ended with lunch at Ohana. Perfect day with people who know what I love–reaching out to others, adventure, and good food.

The love didn’t stop there. Nat got me this hilarious tshirt. And I loved getting cards from the kids

Rusty surprised me with a farm to table dinner at Ollin Farms with the Owens. It was so beautiful out there. Almost made me want some land. Almost. Then Grace, with the help of Halle, made another fabulous birthday dessert. This was a caramel apple spice cake. Heavenly.

Last, but not least, Halle gave me tickets to Dear Evan Hansen. We loved it. And sat in tears at the end while the credits rolled. Such a fun evening with my girl!

With friends and family like this, I guess being 40 isn’t so bad.

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