Blake’s 10th birthday

2019-05-26 17.16.15Dear Blake,

Happy Double Digits! What a fun birthday this was. You are getting so tall, smart and handsome. I love spending time with you and particularly enjoy our Sunday morning snuggles. You love to play with Dash and take such good care of him. You are always defending him when dad gets mad at him for peeing on the carpet 🙂

You love Roblox on the computer and I think if I let you play for 5 days straight it still wouldn’t be enough time.

You are fun and creative. I love to go up to your room and see what project you are working on at that moment. Lately you’ve really been into creating comic books. You love your long hair and ordered the most awesome custom Vans for your bday.  Always stay unique and true to yourself!

You love to jump on the tramp and have spent a lot of time lately mastering your front flip. It was so fun to watch you be so determined to succeed. And you did! Your flip is awesome.

I love taking walks with you, holding your hand and listening to your imagination run wild.

Love, Mom

We had a fun pool party with Pizza and ice cream filled cupcakes on Saturday.  Blake's 10th bday at the poolSunday Morning started with fun presents.  A USA hat and a bouncy unicorn from G&G Cornell.  A 2DS game and birthday cash from G&G Banks, and Vans and tickets to the Weird Al Yankovich concert at Red Rocks from Mom and Dad. As you can see from his face, he wasn’t excited about that at all 🙂2019-05-26 17.17.352019-05-26 17.16.15

Then Sunday night we celebrated with a buffet of all Blake’s favorite foods.  McDonald’s chicken nuggets, Costco Mac and Cheese, Snicker Salad, long carrots, sun chips, strawberries and cherries.  2019-05-26 17.20.022019-05-26 17.17.54.jpg
Grace made him a spectacular Oreo poke cake.  So yum. 2019-05-27 03.15.11I don’t think you could ask for a better way to turn 10!
Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 8.39.53 AM
2019-05-26 20.06.11-2

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