Blake is a TEENAGER

Dear Blake,

Welcome to your teenage years! I can’t believe it. You tell me it’s not you who is getting older and taller, it’s me shrinking smaller 🙂 

It’s been such a fun year being back at school full time, and this spring, NO MASKS! Hip hip hooray! And you made the Honor Roll third quarter this year. You were proud of yourself, and I was proud of you too! 

Your favorite part of turning thirteen is permission to now watch all the Marvel Movies. 

Also, you bought yourself a microwave for you birthday “so you can flex on your friends.” You and dad made a trip to Goodwill and found it for $10! It’s the perfect compliment to your mini fridge. So now you can have your microwave popcorn and your Mountain Dew.

Right now some of your favorite things are: reading Ready Player One with Dad and Michael Vey with me. Playing Robolx on the computer. Throwing the lacrosse ball around, snuggling with Dash, and hanging out with your friends. 

I can’t wait for your teenage years. I know they will be filled with lots of fun, many challenges, and great memories. Come what may, we’ll get through it together. 



His Birthday started with presents, and a little picnic Chick-fli-a breakfast. Then it was off to the last day of school with balloons tied to his bag.

It was a fun party this year. We planned a big video game party with different consoles set up around the house. But, they hardly got used—you all went and had a great time at the park instead. Then, it was Thor and Menchie’s birthday cake. 

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