Nightmare Before Christmas

This turned out to be such a fun theme! Halle found an amazing Jack Skellington dress that kicked off the whole thing. I think in the beginning only Halle was really excited about it. But by Halloween we were all fully on board! I think everyone looks amazing. And it was so much easier to get pics while everyone was wearing a mask!

Halle ended up having to work on Halloween, so we decided to do our big get together and pictures on Oct 30th. We were also throwing Halle her birthday party early so she could celebrate during spooky season. We got her friends tickets to Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms.

Meet the Characters:

The Mayor. Halle and I made this costume for Grace, and we think it turned out pretty spectacularly.

I didn’t get an individual of Jane (Sally) or Luke (Santa Jack). Sad. Here’s a few more group shots cause I just can’t pick my favorite.

As I said above, this was also Halle’s birthday party. So here are the teens

And I found this 8 foot Jack Skellington balloon on Etsy. When I brought it home Dash about lost his mind. He did not like it one little bit. After Halloween Halle put him up in her room and he gave her a pretty good scare in the night. She woke up, forgot it was there, looked over, and screamed.

I made Halle’s favorite Sausage Soup and some yummy pumpkin bread for dinner. We also had our traditional Coke and dry ice. Josh and Claire had a great time playing with the Dry ice after everyone had their drink. And Ruby saved us from utter disaster. Josh put some dry ice in a plastic bottle and then put the lid on. Essentially making a bomb. Ruby saw it just as it was about to pop (Inside my kitchen) and got the lid off. It came off with a lot of force and left her with a pretty good bruise on her hand.

I have to say, I really outdid myself with Halle’s cake this year. My food photography skills don’t do it justice, so I stole a picture from Pinterest. It was pretty AND delicious. It was a Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake.

Then the girls were off to Anderson Farms. They had a great time! Happy Birthday Halle girl. It was a blast to celebrate You AND Halloween on the same day.

The Real Halloween brought our first Covid Friendly Candy chute, free mini blizzards at Dairy Queen, a visit to the Erie Harry Potter house, and trick or treating. Fun was had by all. Most people just set up tables in their driveway with treats spread all over so everyone could stay socially distanced. Blake went trick or treating in Collier’s Hill with Max, then went to Meghans for a Halloween party. Josh and Ethan made their way through Vista Ridge. It was a full moon, and a beautiful night!

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