Happy 14th Birthday, Josh!

Dear Josh,

What a weird year it’s been. I’m glad of two things. 1. That we’ve been able to spend so much time together as a family. 2. Donald Trump is no longer President. Your birthday was on election day, and you graciously allowed us to watch election coverage on your big night. And it was a nail biter! We didn’t know the results for DAYS. Other things have been hard. Case in point: your birthday party. We had plans to go to an Escape Room with your friends on Saturday afternoon. Friday evening we got a call from The MS Principal informing us that you had been exposed to Covid and would need to quarantine. It was a huge disappointment to have to cancel your party. But luckily, your exposure happened quite a few days before the person informed the school, so we were able to reschedule for the next weekend. But the hardest thing of all might be that you are now taller than me. J/k. That’s only hard for me. You keep informing me that the top of my head is lovely.

You are growing into such a fun, responsible person. I know if I ask you to do something, or give you a list of tasks, they will always get done. I appreciate that so much. You got called to be in the Teacher’s Quorum Presidency a few months ago and it’s been awesome watching you step into that leadership role.

You love to play Smash Bros on your Switch with your friends. Most afternoons that is where we can find you–online laughing and playing with friends. You’ve also been watching The Office and The Good Place. Both of which you love. But Halle and I know what you REALLY love. Dancing with the Stars. Don’t deny it.

Other things your love include: tennis lessons, and reading with Dad every night.

We redid your bedroom together this summer and it was fun to work alongside you to make your vision come to life. It was a lot of hard work, and I’m proud of us for completing it. You have loved having your desk so you can do online school in your room.

Online school isn’t your favorite thing (but neither is regular school). You are making the best of it. Your grades, per usual, have been outstanding. I’m proud of how hard you work to get good grades. And also remember, sometimes good enough is good enough. I hate to see you stressed over school assignments.

Josh, you lift everyone around you. Everyone is blessed by your strong spirit and your kind words. We love to laugh at your funny quips. You bring a solid sense of dependency and love to our family. We love you!

Love, Mom

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